Atomic Sky is Perth’s most productive investor-led startup studio. We provide entrepreneur, early stage startup founders, and entrepreneurs in the growth stage with all the support they need to take their innovative products to the next level.



The startup studio is all about executing, not about light bulb moments. Of course ideas are useful, but without the commitment, desire, and passion to pursue them, ideas are essentially worthless.

Our attitude towards building products in the startup studio is summarised in this great quote:

“I get somebody coming up to me almost every day with an ‘idea’. I think what there tends to be a lack of is people that have the desire to do the hard work, and actually execute. And it’s those people that have the ingenuity and the belief in themselves and the grit to actually step up when things get hard, or step up and find a solution that has never existed before in the history of human kind… Thats when amazing things start to happen.”

— Ashton Kutcher, investor in Air BnB, Skype and Foursquare