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General FAQs

What is a startup studio, anyway?

A Startup Studio is a business that is started explicitly to start other businesses.
There are many different types of startup studios. Some generate all their ideas internally, some invest and acquire others as part of their portfolio, and others help entrepreneurs discover and develop their next business idea (that’s us!).
Regardless of business model, all Startup Studios have this in common: We believe in a better, faster, smarter way of building successful businesses. And it involves challenging the very idea of how a business should be built in the first place.

Does Atomic Sky invest in startups?

Yes! We invest in startups that we believe have what it takes.

Pitching FAQs

What’s Atomic Sky’s top pitching tip?

Without a doubt; tailor your pitch to your audience. An investor and a customer want to hear very different things about your business, so make sure you tailor your pitch accordingly.
It’s also very important to be clear about what you want. You’re pitching for a reason, so make it obvious. Your audience isn’t going to guess what you want if you don’t tell them!

Fusion FAQs

Is Fusion full time?

No. Our program is not full time as face-to-face sessions are spread throughout the week. However, we strongly advise that our founders commit to working on their startup full-time. Experience tells us this allows the best chance of success!


Who can apply?

Applications are open to all startups. We have accepted submissions in the past from three-person founding teams with technical founders, all the way through to solo entrepreneurs with nothing but a sketch on paper.


I’ve just applied to Amcom Upstart. If I get in, can I still apply to Fusion?

Yes! Absolutely. In fact getting the experience of both Upstart and Fusion would be a fantastic way to grow a startup and become an investable proposition.


Do I need a working prototype to apply?

Not necessarily, but it can strengthen your application if we can take a look at what you have built so far.


What is an investable startup?

An investable startup is one that presents a tangible solution to a real world problem, has a clear USP that differentiates it from its competitors, and has the potential to scale to international markets.

There are other factors too; having the right team of people, customers that are reachable, and founders with energy to put what it takes into their companies.

The single most important factor to Atomic Sky? A committed, passionate founding team.


How much does Fusion cost?

The Fusion Founder Program has a fee of $1,500 per month.


Does Fusion guarantee investment after three months?

No. We can’t guarantee any funding, however, the end of the program is not the end of the line for companies that aren’t ready to take on investment. We continue to engage with our founders and help them get their company to an investable state, or to pivot into another area.