Atomic Sky held its very first Live Twitter Q&A session yesterday. Ahead of the Fusion Founder Program applications closing date, we decided to get Andy & Sam on the Twitter-sphere to answer all of your questions around tech startups & the Fusion Founder Program. We got some really great questions and the guys did their best to answer them in 140 characters! If you missed out on the live action, here’s a recap of the twitter feed as it happened.


Andy & Sam all set to tweet

Q1. Hi guys, what type of businesses can apply for the founder program? VIA ‪@Start_Digital

@Start_Digital‪ thanks for the question! Any business using technology in their industry & has the potential to scale. SM

Q2. What would you say is the best attribute an entrepreneur should have? #FusionFounders VIA ‪@Mairead_W

@Mairead_W adaptability or maybe persistence or maybe focus or maybe gut feel. AL

Q3. @andymlamb @samjamead guys – why are you so happy? ‪VIA @HamoMagenTys

@andymlamb @samjamead @HamoMagenTys Must be something in the water @techhubio. How could we not be happy with all that goes on here?! SM

Q4. @atomicskyau In a market crowded with founder/startup programs why should startups choose the Fusion Program? How are you different? VIA @littlehollym_

@littlehollym_ #FusionFounders works with the founder for longer but also we spend a large amount of time validating markets. AL

Q5. @atomicskyau @andymlamb @samjamead Guys, what is the profile of a great candidate for #FusionFounders VIA ‪@justinkdavies

‪@justinkdavies‪ they should be totally committed, with plenty of passion, topped off with an understanding of their target audience. SM

Q6. @andymlamb Can a non-technical team with nothing but a solid idea apply for #FusionFounders? How would it work? #LiveQnA VIA @cam_sinclair

@andymlamb @cam_sinclair absolutely. Because a large focus is on market validation this is an ideal time before you spend money on tech AL

Q7. @atomicskyau surely there’s heaps of really painful consumer problems we can solve with SaaS at scale. So why isn’t every dev rich? VIA ‪@mattkocaj

@mattkocaj It’s one thing to be a dev but another thing entirely to properly understand customer problems. We cover this in #FusionFounders! SM

Q8. How much of a startup’s success is based on opportunity? VIA @h_langdon

@h_langdon there are opportunities everywhere. It’s how you evaluate them that counts. We cover this in #FusionFounders AL

Q9. Would you recommend this Program for graduates with no work experience but big #startup dreams? #FusionFounders VIA ‏@ZimboMuse

@ZimboMuse Absolutely! No experience required. I started my first company as a graduate with no experience and survived… Just about…! SM

Q10. Alongside mentorship what other resources will #FusionFounders provide it’s startups? VIA ‏‪@dberos

@dberos workshops with guest speakers, collaboration sessions, networking & pitch opportunities, and when the time is right, investment! SM

Q11. What is your advice to someone who wants to run their own startup but can’t leave their day job? #FusionFounders VIA @hymarktang

@hymarktang #JFDI #FusionFounders SM


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Applications for our Fusion Founder Program close this Friday, May 22nd. Click here to apply!