Atomic Sky CEO Andy Lamb recently presented at the ‘on the podium’ talk series at the Southern Districts rotary club. The series is run by ‘superb speakers selected for their ability to present topics of interest and impact for small business’. 

He emphasised corporate innovation as the future for Perth’s industry growth, and how lean methodology comes into play. 

The Rotary Club director said, “some of our attendees have already taken the models Andy introduced back to their business to review where they are at”. 

Perth Decking Co Director Eamon Hurley, and their Sales and Marketing representative Mike Raspa were both propelled into action after the event, and ‘sought to innovate’ after identifying with the points made in Andy’s presentation. 

They realised their decking warranty did not have logical follow up inclusions, and refined their warranty concept for the entire client base. 

Their comments highlighted how ‘innovation’ is a buzz word that is rarely picked apart and educated to audiences, saying:

“We were particularly engaged when you expanded on the subject of innovation. Lots of people talk about doing innovation but few actually drive change to deliver innovative solutions”.

Andy believes that spreading the word about corporate innovation can lead to WA’s progression economically. To learn more from Andy and the Atomic Sky team, or get involved in one of the various workshops, contact us today-