The growth of a corporate innovation/start-up ecosystem has made recent news, with Mining News reporting on Atomic Sky’s focus on data and Fintech capability for SMEs.

The article highlights the move away from asking start-ups for equity, and instead how support programs like Energise are focusing on “creating collaboration opportunities for later-stage start-ups that have already secured existing seed funding, and have commercially proven solutions”. 

Andy had a hand in this, with his involvement in running Energise sessions for KPMG last year. Atomic Sky is fast becoming a front runner in this shift in the market, and is moving away from working with very early-stage start-ups, to small to medium-sized established enterprises.

Andy told MNN, “it will be interesting to see what the WA state government’s innovation strategy is focused on, because what’s happening over east is money is starting to pour into the start-up/innovation ecosystem, and a lot of that is coming out of super funds. What businesses are now looking towards, are skills transfer and education programs to support networking between growth businesses”

Atomic Sky is squarely at the centre of corporate innovation in Perth to help existing businesses scale and grow.

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