As well as the Atomic Sky Startup Advisors and our network of external mentors, the Fusion Founder Program is lucky to benefit from a host of experienced founders and entrepreneurs who will be sharing their wisdom with us.

Here’s a quick roundup of some of our speakers and the topics they’ll be covering as part of Fusion.

Cassie Fox – Founder, iZRA
“How to start a web based tech startup… With no knowledge of how to build websites!”

Cassie had no idea how to build a website when she started iZRA, an online magazine that aims to help school students keep positive mental hygiene. Well, as Cassie has proven, it didn’t matter one iota, as a quick look at the iZRA website will show you. She’ll be talking us through her journey and sharing some gems that other tech-challeneged founders will find invaluable.

Shahirah Gardner – Founder, Launchcode PR
“PR 101 for tech startups”

Shahirah is a Silicon Valley experienced tech PR professional with several years combined experience in communications and education. She returned to Perth from San Fransisco in 2014 and founded Launchcode PR, which has become Perth’s premier tech PR agency. Shahirah will be talking us through the basics of PR and relationship management with the media.

Bernie Janes – Cofounder, The Activity People
“How to read metrics and use them to grow your business”

As one half of the founding team of The Activity People, the largest adrenaline activity network in the UK, Bernie has become a metric-driven SQL query master. If you’ve got data, you can use it to improve, grow, and progress your company – and Bernie will be telling us how to do it.

Matt Harley – Cofounder and CTO, Hipflask and Founder, Click Engineering Services
“The tech choices you must make in an early stage startup”

Deciding which of the many language paths to take when building a product is no trivial task. As CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of multiple Perth startup ventures, Matt has seen all the pros and cons of the more common choices, and will be using Fusion as a platform to share his sagacity with us mere mortals. See for more pearls of wisdom.

Jane Farrow – MD, Clever Starfish
“How to make sense of different quotes for the same digital project”

We’ve all received quotes on digital projects before, and invariably they’re wildly different. Surely there’s a better way than just picking the middle on based on price?! Aha, well it just so happens that there is, and Jane is here to share the secrets. Jane is at the helm of creative digital agency Clever Starfish. She has extensive skills and contacts from the digital, 3D, marketing and website industries.