The Fusion Founder Program is an intense 12 week business building program. Specifically designed for startup founders using tech in their industries, we pack the calendar with guest speakers, in-house workshops, and startup seminars for the 8 startups participating in each cohort. We take all the quintessential Atomic Sky goodness and pour in a ton of experience a community of experienced entrepreneurs. Fusion runs three times a year.

Pre Fusion Founder Program my business was all over the place. Now we’re finished, I know I have a direct path, and everything’s coming together! Sam’s been great and it’s been really good to bounce things off other people.

— Matt Pound, Founder of Gno-Me

What is it?

Fusion Founder Program is a business building program. It includes workshops, short talks, and collaboration sessions that will all help startup founders commercialise their ideas and avoid the pitfalls that face early stage companies. At the end of the program, founders will all be able to present viable, investable businesses to potential clients and investors.

Who is it for?

Any startup founder that wants to use tech to solve problems, regardless of industry. That’s everyone from idea stage, right up to Series A. It doesn’t matter if this startup is your first or your fourth, Fusion will improve your knowledge of running a startup.

When is it?

The next Fusion Founder Program will be announced in early 2016. Here’s what some of the mentors and participants had to say about the most recent program!

Leigh Pember, founder of Travel Eggs.


Pia Turcinov, Fusion Founder mentor/guest speaker, WITWA Secretary, and founder of Mystral Enterprises